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Application Process

  • Letter of Instruction

    We will send this to you.

  • Application

    Both Husband and Wife.

  • TULIP: Heresy of John Calvin

    A book by Dr. Ernest Gambrell.

  • Read Who We Are

    Purpose, Precepts, Policies & Practices.

  • Our Beliefs

    Be sure and read about us.

  • Commission Paper(s)

    From your local church.


Application For Missionary Service

We at Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission are excited that God is working in your life in regard to reaching the lost of this world through Christ.  We would count it a great privilege to serve you.  Please read the following information, fill in the application, and mail the completed application to the Home Office of Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission. Please Note: FBWWM only receives applicants who are sent from Independent Baptist Churches in the United States, and who are sent and commissioned by that church and pastor.

Application Process:
Upon request of an application, the following is sent to the prospective missionary:

  • Letter of Instruction
  • Application(s) (for both husband and wife, if married)
  • Commissioning Paper(s)
  • Purpose, Precepts, Policies, and Practices of FBWWM
  • TULIP: Heresy of John Calvin by Dr. Ernest Gambrell

Once the application is received from the prospective missionary, it will be reviewed and reference questionnaires will be sent to the persons listed on the application.

After references are received and reviewed, secondary references will be mailed as needed.

Commissioning papers must be filled out and returned by your sending church.

The completed application will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval or rejection.

The prospective missionary must personally meet with the Board of Directors at FBWWM’s Annual Institute of Missions before final approval can be given.

Upon acceptance, the prospective missionary will be notified in writing.

If you believe that God would have you join FBWWM please fill out the preliminary application