Our Purpose

Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission is a servant to local churches of like doctrine, faith, and convictions, and to the missionaries commissioned and sent forth by those churches. The churches and missionaries must be independent Baptist or churches with no denominational name, but hold the doctrine, faith, convictions, and position that independent Baptist churches have historically held. The churches and missionaries we serve should be doctrinally sound, according to the Bible; separated, both personally and ecclesiastically; and soul-winning.

Each missionary who serves with this Mission must be a member of such a church. Acts 13 shows clearly that the local church is the agency, which authorizes and sends forth its own missionaries. It is the sending church’s responsibility to care for, oversee, direct, and discipline the missionary, should it be necessary. The Mission assumes only the responsibility and authority, which is committed to it by the local church and its pastor when the church commissions the missionary to serve through this Mission. Every missionary with the Mission must be involved in soul-winning, disciple-making, and church planting. Churches established by missionaries serving with the Mission must be independent Baptist churches.