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Our God is Bigger than the Economy

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“The economy is sagging and the news is depressing.” This appears to be the repeated mantra of many

believers of our day. Sadly, this has caused many people to reduce their giving to missions. People who

once gave faithfully to their church’s mission program are now giving little or not at all.


The result of this faithlessness is that many churches had had to reduce the amount of their missionaries’

support. Some have dropped missionaries. It is with grief of heart that pastors have had to notify good

missionaries that their support would not be continued.


Should we just say, “Well, that’s the economy,” and hope it eventually gets better? I do not believe that

to be so. The issue is not that the economy is bad; it is the faithlessness of God’s people. We must

believe that our God is bigger than the economy. If He is not, then we have a much larger problem.

It is God’s will that the untold be told. It is His will that the local, New Testament church carry out the

work of world evangelism. It is His will that people get saved. Therefore, He is still able to fund His

work. His work need not be reduced because of a dip in the economy. His work is not financed by the

American economy but, rather, by His abundant riches and power.


Yes, it is a blessing to find some saint of God who says, “The economy has affected me, but my mission’s

giving is still being fulfilled by God’s power!” What faith! What obedience!


As fundamental, independent Baptists, let us continue to challenge people to believe that God is much

bigger than the American economy. Let us encourage them to continue trusting the Lord. To those who

have made a Faith Promise commitment, let us encourage them that God knew the economy would go

bad when He told them what to commit. It does not surprise God. Herein lies an opportunity to trust God

for what cannot be seen.


If we will continue to trust the Lord, we can continue to plant churches both in the United States and

abroad. May we continue to be faithful.

Written By: Dr. Marty O. Wynn